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Videoscope Repair

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Global Borescope repairs all makes and models of videoscopes and videoprobes. Our approach is simple – only fix what is broken. As long as equipment has video signal, we should be able to repair all other issues. Most repairs deemed complete rebuilds by other OEM’s are in fact, minor repairs. Our Videoscope repair technicians can disassemble your scope and repair or replace the following:

  • Tighten Articulation
  • Repair/Replace bending sections
  • Replace Articulation Cables & Guides
  • Replace Light Guide Fiber Bundle ( on most models )
  • Replace outer braid
  • Repair/ Replace Electronics
  • Built-in Light Source

Our standard evaluation is free, if we have to perform extensive evaluations, that charge can be applied to repair costs. Please fill our evaluation form and we'll quickly send you an RMA#. To ensure quick evaluation, Videoscope and Camera Control Unit (CCU) must be sent in together.

Call us at (800) 479-8215 / (210) 520-8900 or email

In addition we regularly perform repairs on Pearpoint pipe cameras, Rigid See Snake’s, Gen Eye and others.

If you have further interests or need to have some of your equipment evaluated, please contact us today. We perform no charge evaluations and will provide you with a detailed estimate of the work to be performed. Work will not begin unitl we have customer approval. Ask about our 1/2 price rentals during the repair process.

Call us at (800) 833-9445 / (210) 520-8900 or email us at