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Fiberscope to Videoscope Conversions

Fiberscope to Videoscope Conversions


Receive $1000.00 credit toward any GBV Series Videoscope 

For 2012,  Global Borescope will accept ANY rigid Borescope, flexible fiberscope, flexible Borescope, videoscope, or video-borescope and the customer will receive a $1000.00 trade-in allowance credit toward the immediate purchase of any GBV series ARTICULATING videoscope.

Our GBV Series units are specially designed for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and the Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) industry. These units are great for most small turbine inspections with a necessary focal range of 1-3 inches.  Features include: 

  • Stainless steel covers with quad layer construction
  • Tungsten tip covers which add to lifespan and lower cost of ownership.
  • Available in 4-8.5mm O.D. with two-way articulation.
  • Image capture
  • Video capture capability to SD card
  • High resolution TFT 3.5 inch monitor
  • 1 Gb memory card
  • LED lighting (up to 30 footcandles)

GBV-Series articulating videoscopes are available in many working lengths. All GBV-Series units have AV output via RCA firewire, 90░ detachable mirror tip included, these units are rechargeable and PC plug and play friendly - No additional software required.

Custom lengths - up to 7.5 meters on articulating units available upon request. NON-articulating units are available up to 20 meters.


If you are interested call us at (800) 479-8215 / (210) 568-7845 or email us at

Download Brochure: GBV-Series_Articulating Only