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Swing Prism Borescopes

Swing Prism Borescopes

Swing Prism Borescopes

Swing Prism Borescopes feature an adjustable prism in the objective end of the instrument that allows the operator to remotely control the direction of view. 

Our Swing Borescope has a tiny prism at the tip that pivots, or "swings", to vary the direction-of-view the A ring on the borescope body which controls the prism direction. The field-of-view is 45░, so the borescope effectively sees from -7░ to 133░.

Another ring on the borescope body is used for focus and a third ring rotates the borescope tube over 360░, allowing the user to sweep out a full view of the cavity without turning the borescope body.


Diesel engine mechanics use Swing Prism Borescopes to examine cylinders, pistons, and valves. Swing Prism borescopes are also used in precision casting houses, as well as many reciprocating engines to locate and investigate FOD (foreign object damage and debris) They are also used to inspect large and small turbine jet engines.

Key Features

  • Swing prism tip to change DOV from 7░ to 133░

  • Rotate prism tube to scan 360░ volume

  • Focus from 3mm to infinity

  • See Valves, Cylinder Head, Cylinder Wall and Piston through spark plug hole with one scope

  • Easily adapts to camera kit to capture bright clear images to memory card
    (camera kit sold separately) 

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