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Scope Evaluations

Fiberscopes & Videoscopes

Global Borescope provides free evaluations on fiberscopes & most videoscopes. We typically provide our customers a detailed estimate on only components that are in need of replacement within 48 hours of receipt this is our policy and is much different from other major manufacturers, we do our best to save our customers money on not only labor but also on high quality replacement components.

Rigid Borescopes

We also provide evaluations on rigids, these require a small evaluation fee ( 75.00 USD ) and is due to the fact that much more teardown time is necessary- usually 3-4 hours , depending on damage This cost can be applied to repair cost when repair estimate is approved.


Global Borescope also repairs many CCD camera deemed BER from the original manufacturer, and in most cases our repair costs are much lower.

Pipe Cameras / Push Cameras

We also provide quick low cost repairs on many Pipe Push cameras now on the market. We know how important your equipment is to your business and we will work hard to keep you up and running.

RMA #s

In order for the evaluation process to run smoothly we prefer you to contact us before sending in the unit in need of repair. This way we can provide you a document which will help us prepare your repair evaluation quickly.

Please contact us at (800) 479-8215 / (210) 520-8900 or email us at for an RMA# or send an RMA request.

We look forward to serving you !