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Global Borescope is now an approved distributor of Pearpoint Camera Systems

These cameras are made with best optical viewing standards and are built to withstand tough environments. These units are easy use and have much needed inspection options included:

One-touch recording and still picture capture

Recording video is simple. A single press on the keypad allows you to record in full VGA high quality digital video. Capture still pictures during your inspection with a press of the camera icon on the keypad. Audio commentary can be added to your recordings via the supplied microphone headset, and text comments included using the splashproof keyboard. The integral rod counter displays distance traveled in pipe on-screen.

Digital video

The P330+ brings you all the benefits of digital video technology. Pause your recording and rotate images to make them easier to interpret. Digital pan and zoom allows you to take a closer look at problem areas. Video is recorded onto solid state, durable Compact Flash cards. A 2GB card is included, and cards of up to 8GB capacity are capable of storing up to 7 hours of high quality video.


The advanced digital platform of the P330+means you can conveniently transfer your video to PC or laptop via USB cable. Using Bluetooth® wireless technology you can even transfer inspection pictures from the P330+ flexiprobe Controller to compatible mobile phones or laptops, and instantly send them to your customers. This means you can get the authority to proceed with pipeline repairs much faster.

Integrated easy-report writer

The P330+ flexiprobe Controller enables you to compile a comprehensive report on site that incorporates your company logo and includes still pictures, observations and customer details.  When your survey is complete, both your report and video can be viewed and edited on a PC or laptop using the included user friendly FlexiSight™ software package.

P330+ flexiprobe systems include:

  • P330+ flexiprobe Controller
  • Push rod with choice of reel (35m (115') Mini reel, 60m (200') or 120m (400') Standard reel; 150m (500') Specialist reel)
  • Choice of color camera (1" manual focus or 2" self-leveling fixed focus)
  • Keyboard
  • Mains adaptor
  • 12V car jackplug lead
  • 2GB Compact Flash Card
  • Microphone headset
  • FlexiSight™ video editing software
  • Universal flexi (512Hzsonde, US only)
  • Universal brush skid kit.
  • Standard and Specialist systems include Controller mounting clamp.

For inspection professionals who don’t need integral video recording capability, flexiprobe Look/See systems feature a Controller with a 6.4" (160mm) TFT screen and the same tough weatherproof construction as the P330+ flexiprobe  Controller.  Look/See systems include a 512Hz flexi sonde.

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