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Piston Engine Borescope Kit

Piston Engine Borescope Kit

This piston engine inspection kit is perfect for inspection of piston chambers for damage or maintainence. Requires only a 1/4" hole (Direct View Tube) to view and inspect for damage without unnecessary and expensive disassembly of the engine.

Includes a mirror tube for 90║ right angle view. Easily adapts to digital cameras or video systems for inspection reports. 

Includes a low power light source (mini-flashlight) but a 150 watt light source with 5ft light guide is suggested.

Contact us for more details and pricing.

Part Number Probe Diameter Additional Specs Description Price
GBR-PEK Direct view tube - 6.1mm
Mirror tube - 7.25mm
Direct view tube - 0║ DOV w/ 55║ field of view
Mirror tube - 360║ rotation
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