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2.4mm Small Diameter Fiberscope

2.4 mm Small Diameter Fiberscopeshown with high intensity metal halide light source

2.4mm Diameter Fiberscopes

Key Features

  • Highest Resolution Coherent Leached Fiber Optics.

  • Extremely Durable Tungsten Braid Resists Wear

  • Quickly Adapts to Existing Light Sources

  •  Easily Adapts to a Video System

  • 2-Way Articulation

The 2.4mm fiber optic scopes offer the highest resolution in a small diameter instrument. The fiberscopes or flexible borescopes are very flexible, allowing easy passage around bends and into tight spaces. The durable tungsten braid resists wear and tear longer than PVC or stainless steel. You won’t find a better quality fiberscope in our price range, our 2.4mm Fiberscopes are very cost effective.

Features and Benefits

  • 2-way articulation allows the fiberscope to easily navigate tight inspection areas.

  • Tungsten outer braid has 5 times the wear resistance of stainless steel. This means your fiberscope will stand up to the wear and tear of most industrial applications.

  • Water tight Insertion Tube in: Water, Mineral and Synthetic Oils, Hydraulic Fluids, Aviation Fuel, Kerosene, Gasoline and Diesel Fuel.

  • Adapts to any existing light source with interchangeable light guide post adapters to allow compatibility with existing equipment.

  • Rugged Aluminum with matt powder finish hand piece construction withstands harsh industrial environments for years of use.

  • Shown with high intensity metal halide light source (sold separately)

2.4mm Flexible Fiberscope Specifications

  • Diameter: 2.4 mm (0.094 in)

  • Working Length: 70, 100 or 130 cm

  • Articulation: 2-way 120°

  • Direction of View: 0° Forward

  • Field of View: 40°

  • Depth of Field: 5mm (.197 in) - 100mm (3.94 in)

  • Side View Tip: No

  • Optical System: Leached Image Guide

  • Resolution: 6,000 Pixels

  • Pixel Size: 6.2µm (Micrometer)

  • Eyepiece Magnification: 35X

  • Insertion Tube Sheathing: Tungsten Braid

  • Insertion Tube Bend Radius: 15mm (1.59 in)

  • Integral Light Guide Cable: 2.0M (78’)

  • Light Guide Cable Plug: ACMI

  • Other light guide plug adapters are available including Olympus and Machida configurations.

  • Hand piece: Aluminum with matte powder finish

  • Operating Temperature:

  • Working Length -10° to 80° C (14° to 176° F)

  • Housing and Light Guide Cable -10° to 50° C (14° to 122° F)

  • Fluid Resistance: Working length will withstand immersion in water, mineral and synthetic lubricating oils and hydraulic fluids, aviation fuel, kerosene, gasoline and diesel fuel.

  • Pressure Resistance: Working length is resistant to 1 bar (14.5 psi)

  • Case: Supplied in a standard carrying case (500-0004) with Fiberscope form fitting foam insert.

Download Specifications for the 2.4 mm Flexible Fiberscope

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