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Fiberscope Repair

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Fiberscope Repair

Global Borescope repairs all makes & models of fiberscopes. Global specializes in small diameter fiberscopes 2mm and up, and we rebuild all Olympus, GE, Hawkeye, Funjinon as well as all other brands of fiberscopes. Most repairs deemed complete rebuilds by other OEM's may in fact, turn out to be minor repairs. If after an extensive free evaluation is completed by Global and a complete rebuild is deemed necessary, Global will provide a quote to rebuild the unit. We'll rebuild the unit after your approval using only high resolution components,  These components not only meet, but in most cases, exceed original manufacturer specifications. Our proprietary distal optical systems are designed to give the end-user greater depth of focus necessary to inspect without having to interchange detachable optical tips.  This allows for faster inspection times. 

Most of our technicians have 15 or more years experience repairing fiberscopes, so we are experts at identifying problems or broken components and replace only what is necessary. This approach drastically reduces your cost.

If your scope truly needs an overhaul then you'll find our quality and price unmatched. We recognize that you need your equipment back on site so we provide no cost evaluations on fibescopes quickly and our turn around times are much better then all other OEM's.

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