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Fiberscope to Videoscope Conversions

Fiberscope to Videoscope Conversions

Fiberscope to Videoscope Conversions

We understand the need to upgrade your currently owned equipment to meet your client's demand for high resolution images.

In order to meet your client needs Global Borescope is doing something revolutionary, our highly trained technician’s have given us the ability to convert most articulating flexible borescopes and articulating fiberscopes to a high resolution videoscope.

The units have all the capabilities of our GBV Series such as: 

  • Stainless steel covers with quad layer construction
  • Tungsten tip covers which add to lifespan and lower cost of ownership.
  • Available in 4-8.5mm O.D. with two-way articulation.
  • Image capture
  • Video capture capability to SD card
  • High resolution TFT 3.5 inch monitor
  • 1 Gb memory card
  • LED lighting (up to 30 footcandles)

All GBV-Series units have AV output via RCA firewire, 90° detachable mirror tip available on most models, these units are rechargeable and PC plug and play friendly - No additional software required. Our GBV-Series articulating videoscopes are available in many working lengths.

Heavy duty carrying/shipping case sold separately.

If you are interested call us at (800) 479-8215 / (210) 568-7845 or email us at