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About Us

Incorporated in 2005, Global Borescope decided to enter the competitive field of borescope manufacturing and repair. Global has established itself as a pioneer in providing quality products at reasonable rates. In efforts to continue providing superior service to our valued clients, we have begun to implement new ideas as well as new products. We believe that in order to produce quality borescopes we must employ quality personnel. We have increased our team to include professionals from the specialized medical field and product development field, all in the efforts of refining our product. Also, we have added new accessories to our product line, which will enhance the performance and longevity of our borescopes.

To Our Customers

We are pleased to be afforded the opportunity to provide you, our valued customers, with top quality borescopes and accessories, reasonable prices and superior customer service. We envision a bright future for the borescope industry, and have many new and exciting ideas, which will enable us to continue to be catalysts in the progress of this field. We look forward to continue doing business with you and to continue providing you with the quality and value, which have become synonymous with our name - Global Borescope.