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Semi Rigid ( obedient body/probe ) Articulating Borescopes

Our Autoscopes contain a high resolution image bundle which is far superior to many on the market, we use only true glass fiberoptics – Our units allow the inuser the ability to attach a digital camera and snap images or small videos ( click to see camera system) . For use in many applications such auto-head inspections, air conditioning units, small boilers, mold inspection along with many other applications. Our scopes 8mm diameter – just slightly over 5/16” make it easy to enter many small bore applications. We pride ourselves in providing a quality scope that will outlast our competition. Our American craftsmanship is second to none, and our scope handles are made with very tuff anodized aluminum, with an easy to articulate thumb lever. The eyepieces on our autoscopes provide an easy to adjust focusing mechanism.

All our scopes come with a 90 day free articulation adjustment which allows the insure time to break in the articulation cables after which Global will adjust & maximize articulation.

If purchased in a kit the customer will receive a 10% discount, the kit includes the autoscope , case & light source ( choice of LED or Halogen )

We know our competition well, and as a result Global Borescope has added some lower cost units ( non-articulating scopes ) but as a rule of thumb the less expensive the scope the lower the resolution, and the main reason for this is plastic optics, with proper use they can be maintained but cannot deal with any temperatures higher than 120º F , whereas Global AutoScopes are rated up to 149º F.

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